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The ultimate unity of sound and movement! The Rutgers Band has some of the most enthusiastic and school spirited students, campus wide. Whether on the field in Rutgers Stadium, performing for thousands of high school students, playing during a Jets, or Giants game, The Marching Scarlet Knights are a group that will get peoples' attentions! The coming marching season promises to be better than ever. In addition to playing before a sellout crowd of more than 50,000 fans every week, the band will take their show on the road for select regular season road games, and for exhibition performances in the area. At the end of the season, as winter settles in, you can find the Marching Scarlet Knights off supporting their team at the destination of their post season bowl game.

Game days? Get ready! The Marching Scarlet Knights will make their presence known. Before every game, the band warms-up on the practice field next to the Rutgers Stadium in preparation for the days events. Performances for the day include:

1) Playing at the statue a tradition at RU as far back as any of us can remember. As each Football player passes by the statue of "The First Knight" and touches the statue before each game, you will find the band blaring Colonel Rutgers in anticipation.

2) Then get ready for a march to the stadium - greeting the die hard Rutgers Football Fans and getting the place PUMPED!

3) Pre-game, Half-time, and Post Game! That's right! It's a day of music, screaming and RU Pride!

But it isn't all just games! Marching Band offers a rich and diverse group of people and we are growing every day! Incoming freshman will have the opportunity to make lasting friendships before the school year even begins! Band camp, held for one week in August, gives musicians the chance to meet each other and form bonds that will last a lifetime. Whether you play the Tuba or play the piccolo, spin a rifle or flag, the Rutgers Band is for you! There is no previous experience necessary to participate, (we have marchers ranging from first timers to 15 year vets - majoring in everything from Music to Biochemistry!) so if you performed with your High School Marching Band or are trying to find new ways to get involved on the Rutgers Campuses, the Marching Scarlet Knights is a sure fire way to get involved and make your college experience that much more memorable!

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